Consider These

Welcome  --Assurance For Former Jehovah's Witnesses --My Brief Testimony --Our Purpose --Serving The Lord Since 2001 --Consider These

1.  In leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses you have done nothing wrong.  We are all created with freedom of choice and even though the Watchtower Organization holds the teaching of doom and loss, and destruction for those who leave its ranks, you have not sinned:  sin is wrongdoing and according to scripture itself you have done no wrongdoing in leaving -therefore no sin committed -hence no guilt.  Really, it is your right to do so, if you become discontent or realize the error in the Watchtower doctrines and such that you were made to believe once. 

2.  Take the time now to relax a bit and re-focus.  This may be difficult at first for some, but it is essential and helpful for you to now 'clear your head' and get on an even keel in your life and daily routines.  It won't happen over night, but we are here to encourage and support you.

3.  For now, don't agonize over "the heavy stuff"; doctrine, policies, rules you were instilled with. etc.  You will have time to build upon REAL TRUTH in time to come should this be your choice.  From our experience, you will come to see that worship is not a set of guidelines and rules and dictations from a group of men, burdensome and heavy; but that it is a wonderful life in relationship with our Creator.

4.  Know that despite how we were once taught otherwise, YOU CAN pray; should you still be seeking truth this is important as you move forward.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God will not hear or even answer our prayers just because we are no longer a Jehovah's Witness: that teaching is imposed by Watchtower to keep ones in subjection to them.

5. Know for definite that whether you call Him Jehovah, God, Father or Lord; He IS waiting to hear from you.  Yes, God does love you, really.  He created you and you are His child, He is your Father.  What greater way is there, than to relate with our Heavenly Father as we gain strength and move farther and farther away from the deception we were under in the Watchtower Society.

6.  As you come to pass over 'rough spots' on the road of your new journey, be assured that God is there beside you.  Many of us experience the angst of now being separated in varying degrees from our families, and friends.  This can be the most difficult of times for some.  Should our family remain in the Watchtower Society and even shunning you now, don't be afraid to bring this to God in prayer; cry your tears and call out to Him for strength.  >>Did you know that many entire families have come free from the grip of the Watchtower by the steadfast example of one of their own?<<  Yes, this is fact.

....more coming