Serving The Lord Since 2001

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Hi there Friends:

I just wanted to share with you here the blessings I've had in serving the Lord since He called me unto Himself.  Just because I no longer could accept the Watchtower Society, doesn't mean that I no longer desired to learn and serve.  It is such a joy now to serve the Lord directly, and "not as to a group of men".

2001-2002    -Praise & Worship Leader, Sunday School Teacher

2002-present     -Outreach to former and current struggling Jehovah's     Witnesses

2002-2003     -Elder, Bible Study leader, Associate Pastor

2005-2008     -Assistant then associate Pastor/Teacher

2009-             -Board of Christian Education at church

2009-             -Lay Minister Training Program

I know that not everyone takes on such a full slate of activity after leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses.  As I could see though the Lord offers us the opportunity to serve in many capacities and venues should this be our hearts desire.  Several former Jehovah's Witnesses have contacted me asking  "How do I go about getting into ministry?"; or stating "I want to have a ministry."   We must realize that haivng a ministry is not just standing behind a pulpit lecturn and preaching the Word of God.  The name 'ministry' can be applied to any area of service in which you find yourself wanting to serve... they are as numerous and varied as one wishes to find.  As we grow in Christ we are all qualified to serve somewhere, and believe me in speaking from experience and as the scriptures verify:  we will be equipped with whatever it is that is needed to do so -if you are willing, Jesus wants you.